See the latest about support needed right now at the bottom of this page!

Over time, many members have stepped forward to offer generously of their time and skills. Now it is time for us to be more organized about how we channel those offers.

To support the increasing range of activities and exchanges being developed within the Club we are asking for your help. Whether you are looking for a positive outlet for your energy, you are between jobs or are looking to augment your resume, volunteering for ACS can provide excellent additional experience, not to mention an expansion of your network.
With the publication of this list of volunteer possibilities, we hope to encourage more of our members to lend their time and skills to an increasingly fascinating Swedish-American community!

1. Events: Get involved in any of our wide range of events that appeals to you. events@americanclub.se
2. Communications: Lend your skills to the management and development of our web site, social media platforms, events postings with our partner publications and our bi-annual printed newsletter. communications@americanclub.se
3. Extend ACS’s Network in Sweden: Act as a contact point/ambassador for the Club outside of Stockholm and manage events in your area. president@americanclub.se
4. Special Programs: Support our Alma Mater Exchange and USECA-related events. exchanges@americanclub.se
5. Membership Administration: Assist us with membership management. membership@americanclub.se
6. Sponsorship: Support the sponsorship chairperson in developing and maintaining relationships with sponsors.
7. Officer Assistance: Provide assistance to Club Officers.

Please contact us at volunteer@americanclub.se and let us know which of the above you would like to get involved in. We need your skills and energy!

Below, please find below an abbreviated list of volunteer areas. For further details on volunteer possibilities, download this document (PDF).


Membership data cleanup


Website updates

Social Media management


IT/Website/Software development

Volunteer promotion and coordination

Other tasks are available, please be in touch and we look forward to engaging everyone!