Honorary President ad interim
David Lindwall
David Lindwall arrived in Stockholm in 2016 after serving for two years as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. In over 31 years in the United States Foreign Service, he has served in political and senior management positions in Latin America, Afghanistan, and Iraq. 
David Lindwal 150x150


Deborah Duerr
Galleri owner, graphic designer and teacher with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Deborah Duerr
Vice President
Mary Scheuermann
Health policy expert and creative problem solver.
Mary Scheuermann portrait
Second Vice President
Jerry Bartlett
Number cruncher. Doer.
Jerry Bartlett portrait
Anders Bjers
Communications expert who has lived in twice in the U.S. In New York, NY and in Palo Alto, CA. First time in the U.S was to visit relatives in Fairfield, Connecticut. 
Anders Bjers portrait
Lars Eriksson
All around athletics enthusiast, lawyer, Sweden-America fan and family man.
Lars Eriksson portrait


Kristin Rockwood
United States Embassy
U.S. Embassy Stockholm Community Liaison Office Coordinator
Sandra Carpenter
Writer, communications expert and all-around creative.
Sandra Carpenter portrait

Elizabeth Dacey
Gregarious communicator.

Elizabeth Dacey portrait
Rodney Hiram
Manage all aspects of a Sweden-based graphic design and marketing firm.

Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic
Architect and world traveler with a special love for Botswana.


Alex Lange
Native of the United States and Germany, immigrant in Sweden. Advocate of active citizenship. Loves to hike and sail.


Catherine Pettersson
By day, Catherine works with marketing. By night (or actually mostly in the wee hours of the morning) Catherine develops novels and has completed five manuscripts.


Anna Rosvall Stuart
Executive Director of The Sweden-America Foundation.  Native Stockholmer, keen conversationalist and networker, happy to promote US academia in Sweden.

Anna Rosvall Stuart portrait
Germaine R. Thomas
Provides professional solutions in an inter-cultural context.  She is a songbird of Stockholm creating choral classics.
Germaine Thomas2 150x150
Larry Zoumas
IT consultant and entrepreneur with a love of tennis, craft beer, music, and video games.
Larry Zoumas portrait

Lola Akinmade Åkerström
Award-winning travel writer, photographer, and author who explores culture through food, tradition, and lifestyle for major travel publications and brands.



Officers and Directors are reachable using firstname.lastname at e-mail addresses.

The Board of Directors is elected by the membership as part of each annual meeting. Candidates for open Board positions are provided by the nominating committee which can be reached for recommendations or inquiries by contacting any one of the Club officers.

* Provided for in Club Bylaws, the current United States Ambassador to Sweden can be nominated as Honorary President by the Board of Directors. This tradition is based on strong and productive relationships between groups and U.S. representatives meeting in Sweden documented as early as Consul Charles Leas in 1862.
The Club’s founding on April 3, 1905, provides a link to the first United States Ambassador to Sweden, Benjamin Franklin, who was the U.S. signatory to the Treaty of Amity and Commerce Between the United States and Sweden on April 3, 1783.