Join The American Club of Sweden as we volunteer and celebrate Thanksgiving with Stockholms Stadsmission Bostället.

One of the most common questions we get asked  is "Where can I watch NFL games in Stockholm?" For years many of our members have been gathering at Hard Rock Cafe near Odenplan at Sveavagen 75.  This is done in cooperation with NFL Podden, a great sports podcast  which discusses NFL news in Swedish.

The festivities normally begin at around 19:00 on Sunday nights with the early game,  and then continue well into the night. Hard Rock Cafe does their best to make this an enjoyable experience by offering special prices on beer and food.

Change of an unprecedented nature is happening in the United States and the world. Values and ideas that have been regarded as traditionally American are being questioned so that the nation is asking itself: “Who are we?” With this, other nations of the world are forced to pose the same question of identity. Question marks hang over nearly every area of life: work, leisure and even family. How do we move forward together in a space that we are unfamiliar with, with people who may not share one or more of our views?