Club Mission

Founded in 1905, The American Club of Sweden is based on the principle of promoting the American spirit of hospitality and cooperation in Sweden. The Club’s objective is to strengthen bonds between the United States and Sweden and today it is a gateway to understanding America and succeeding in the U.S.

To promote the interchange of knowledge, customs and ideals, the Club provides frequent opportunities for networking and interaction through varied social programs and events.  Download a PDF of the American Club’s informational brochure here (printable).


The Club  rests on the foundation of shared values, which are reflected in our historical record.  These include:

Friendship – Hospitality and civility in all interactions.

Inclusion & Diversity – Welcoming and creating an accessible environment for the active participation of all, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, means, beliefs or other natural or chosen characteristics.

Intercultural Awareness – Respecting, exploring and celebrating cultural differences and similarities.

The Club encourages all to embrace these values and to observe them in Club interactions.

Club History

The Club’s story began in the late 19th century. During these formative years, informal meetings took place at the Hotel Rydberg in Stockholm through the initiative of the American Consul, C.A. Leas.

1905: Inspired by increasing relations between Sweden and the United States, a group of Swedes assembled at the Hotel Continental and formed the Swedish-American Society of Stockholm.

1919: Informal meetings at the Hotel Rydberg replaced by “The New York Club.” A club composed of men who had been in the United States.  In 1927, the club changed its name to the American Club of Stockholm and maintained an office in the Grand Hotel Royal.

1980: The American Club of Stockholm merged with the Swedish-American Society of Stockholm and the newly merged clubs became the “The American Club of Sweden.”

2003: American Citizens Abroad in Sweden merged with The American Club of Sweden.

2005: 100th Anniversary

2008: Thanksgiving with Stadsmission started

2009: July 4th Picnic re-born

2010: 50th Annual Golf Challenge

2012: 150th Anniversary of early meetings with Consul Leas, April 1862.

Read more about our club history here.