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Travel Agreement 2006


Globetrotter Agreement
We have once again reached agreement with Globetrotter, our travel partner for the past four years. The new agreement remains in effect until January 31, 2007. It is similar to last year’s agreement.

However, there are two improvements. Cancellation insurance will be in effect for the entire year rather than for a trial period. For any reason, you can get a full refund for airfares, car rentals and hotel costs until your time of departure. To continue this insurance in 2007, it is very important that no one cancels for frivolous reasons such as being too tired to travel after partying the night before. Cancellation insurance costs SEK 200 for purchases up to SEK 5000 per person and increases incrementally. If you must cancel, you will pay an additional 200 crown administration fee.

You will also get faster service. Globetrotter consultants can now view at a glance available seating on virtually all flights to your destination. This gives you more choices and saves time.

Travel Agreement with Globetrotter – 2006


Contracted fares on 51 airlines, 20 ships, hotels, car rentals, and packages.

Discount rate

5% on contracted (negotiated) fares. Higher discounts when compared with airline economy fares (not promotions).

Advance Deposit

SEK 1500 on airfares over SEK 5000, SEK 750 on fares up to SEK 5000 within 10 days after booking. Cruises: 10-20% deposit of full fare.

Final Payment

Normally 21 days before departure unless airline requires earlier payment. Cruises: 60 days before departure.


No charge if ticket not issued.


Complete refund if ticket not issued.

No Risk Cancellation Insurance

Cost varies depending on ticket price. Full refund up to date of departure.

Switchboard phone

506 11500: Ask for your favorite consultant.


506 11570

If wished, specify consultant.

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