Americans who live in Sweden are privileged to live in a country that shares in common many of the values that Americans have also long stood for: an open, democratic society that is welcoming and fair. We are the beneficiaries of a well-functioning system where the rule of law ensures our safety. The freedoms that we enjoy are guaranteed by many other traditions that are unique to Swedish society.

Sweden distinguishes itself in many ways. According to the latest ranking by Forbes, Sweden is the most business friendly country in the world. At the same time, it has taken in more refugees proportionate to its population than any other country.  In doing so, it opened its borders to people, the vast majority of whom were fleeing war, and demonstrated its respect for international laws. Unsurprisingly, this generosity has entailed challenges, but ultimately most Swedes have faith that the intake of refugees will benefit their country, just as past waves of immigrants to Sweden have.

For those who are planning to visit or anyone who is concerned about visiting Sweden we can only say welcome to a wonderful and unique experience! For anyone who is concerned, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions at

The Board of The American Club of Sweden
March 6th 2017