Over the course of two decades, Susan Philipsz has experimented with both the sculptural and spiritual dimensions of sound. By utilizing recordings of instruments along with her own voice, she creates all-encompassing sound architectures, which evoke an acute awareness of the surrounding space. Philipsz’s sound installations often find their way outside of the art institution, residing in the public sphere. Railway stations, churchyards, bridges and bodies of water reappear time and again in her work. For the Bonniers Konsthall exhibition, Susan Philipsz will create a new piece specifically for the Konsthall itself, and has chosen the space opera Aniara as her raw material. The installation will be the first time Susan Philipsz also utilizes the medium of film.

Board member and art expert Deborah Duerr will introduce the exhibition to Club members. After the guided visit to the exhibition, there will be a possibility to have a bite or drink at a nearby bar (optional).

Where: Bonniers Konsthall, Torsgatan 19
When: Wednesday March 29 at 18.00
Registration: email martin.dworen@fryshuset.se by March 24th.