Please join us for a spectacular evening at this year’s Festival O/Modernt on Monday evening, June 17. We will meet under the tent at 6 pm. Hugo Ticciati, the artistic director, will join us and tell us a bit about the evening’s performance.

Monday’s performance will be:
CONVALESCENT SOULS IN THE LYDIAN MODE including music of the American composers John Cage, Aaron Copland and Leonard Cohen

Please register by June 12th.  300 SEK for members. 340 SEK for non-members


300 SEK for members
340 SEK for non-members

Price includes a glass of wine and mingle under the tent and an introduction to the festival by Hugo Ticciati, as well as a showing of the artwork on display.The concert starts at 7 pm and the mingle at 6 pm.

Follow this link for more information: https://omodernt.com/festival/17-june


In time, space, and media, it may be the most multi-dimensional classical festival in the world —The London Magazine

Borders evaporate and improvisation builds bridges between works, creating a sensation of hovering free in the air: like birds
Svenska Dagbladet

Does the music of the past effortlessly enrich the modern composer’s creative consciousness or, to borrow a thought from the literary critic Harold Bloom, is it a source of anxiety? For some, immersion in the flow of tradition brings about artistic rebirth; for others, new art can only be created by confronting the illustrious art of the past. Beethoven’s explosive arrival on the great stage of western music at the end of the eighteenth century posed such questions with irresistible urgency. Creatively misreading the influence of their great precursor, succeeding composers in the western tradition have variously made peace with Beethoven’s works or engaged in a struggle with his originality and powers of invention.

In June 2019 Festival O/Modernt explores and ‘misreads’ – to appropriate again from Harold Bloom– the rich, diverse and complex reception of Beethoven’s ever-looming musical and ideological presence. MIS/READING BEETHOVEN breaks down generic barriers in order to re-engage with Beethoven’s extraordinary legacy, celebrating the work of his forebears and inheritors, and taking some exhilarating steps into the unknown.


Please register by June 12th.