We The People – How is Change Affecting You? March 15th

Change of an unprecedented nature is happening in the United States and the world. Values and ideas that have been regarded as traditionally American are being questioned so that the nation is asking itself: “Who are we?” With this, other nations of the world are forced to pose the same question of identity. Question marks hang over nearly every area of life: work, leisure and even family. How do we move forward together in a space that we are unfamiliar with, with people who may not share one or more of our views? This event is held every month prior to our Third Thursday mingle.

Americans living in Sweden are finding it difficult to explain what is happening in their country. The nature of cultural difference means that there will always be a need for a conversation to explain one another, but today many Americans find it difficult to explain their country at all no matter which side of the political divide they stand on. Swedes at the same time find it hard to comprehend the events in America and what they mean, particularly for the strong nexus that has existed between Swedish and American culture. At the same time Sweden also faces a time of rapid change in which profound questions of identity and value dominate the daily debates.

MODERATORS: Gary Baker, former President, and Julie Lindahl, President

WHERE: Hilton Slussen

WHEN:  February 15th, 2018 16.30-17.30, prior to the Third Thursday Mingle

REGISTRATION: Drop-in, but please try to come on time. Members only. If you are not a member but would like to participate, please contact us at the e-mail address below.

INQUIRIES: julie.lindahl@americanclub.se

Third Thursday Networking Mixer, November 16

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Third Thursday networking mingles are hosted by The American Club of Sweden the 3rd Thursday of each month except July.  We welcome members, guests and prospective members to join us for handshakes and smiles.  No reservations are required: Just drop in and don’t forget your business cards!

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Remembering The Little Rock Nine

As a reminder, Monday September 25th marks the 60th anniversary of nine African American students being escorted into Little Rock, Arkansas’ Central High School. President Eisenhower ordered the 101st Airborne Division to ensure their safe passage after the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court earlier that year.

We are proud to have Gloria Ray Karlmark as an Honorary Member of The American Club of Sweden, a “Little Rock Nine” member and longtime Stockholm resident. Like all from the
Nine, she has devoted her life to telling her story and educating others of the perils of bigotry and racism. 

For more information on what we stand for, please  read about The American Club of Sweden’s values.