The idea is that we would start from a harbor convenient to get to such as Waxholm. And sail out to Sandham and spend the night. The next day sail to a natural harbor to experience the real beauty of the archipelago and stay the night away from “civilization”. And then sail back home on the final day.

The boats have 3 ex. two-person cabins each. You can book 1 cabin for 2 or book the entire boat (for 6) and bring your own party. But if you book only one cabin, you will meet new people and have a chance to build some new, long lasting friendships! If 2 nights is not enough for you, you can book a double trip, no worries.

We will have access to 2 boats for 2 weeks. So in each place we go we will bring with us a good social atmosphere. And on the way to the harbors we can sail in our own “for fun” rally/race against each other. If you know nothing about sailing, you will know quite a lot when you are finished!

Dates are up for discussion, but there will be limited access, so if you are interested in joining us, making suggestions or discussing options send an email to