The American Club of Sweden has numerous events each year. Some of the closest held and longest running traditions are:

  • Third Thursday – A mingle and networking event held each month (excluding July), on the Third Thursday of the month. Started in January 2006, these quickly became a trademark event and regular meeting place for members and guests as well as a way to introduce the Club to perspective applicants for membership. These events are at the heart of the Club’s traditions from 1862 and 1905, and enshrined in Club bylaws, where Article VI, Section 1 states, “The Club should strive to meet at least once every month between September 1st and June 30th.”
  • April 3rd Club Birthday 1905/Amity & Commerce Treaty Anniversary 1783 – The American Club was founded by Gustav Gullberg and a group of others at Hotel Continental in Central Stockholm (see Club History), and a treaty between the U.S. and Sweden, was signed in Paris by Benjamin Franklin and Gustaf Philip Creutz
  • July 4th/Independence Day – The American Colonies’ Declaration of Independence was dated July 4th, 1776 and since that date there have been annual celebrations in the United States and by Americans, their communities and supporters around the world. The American Club of Sweden has long held events, at times in cooperation with the United States Embassy in Sweden. After September 11th, 2001, the American Club celebrations took a hiatus. After a few years the tradition was revitalized and an annual picnic with festivities, games, flags and singing the National Anthem is now a favorite for members and friends of the Club.
  • Thanksgiving – As one of the first documented Club events in the early 1900’s, with speeches, song and famous guests, this holiday and celebrating it are deeply engrained in the Club’s history. In the first decade of the 2000’s the observance was transformed into a service opportunity where Club volunteers prepare and serve commonly eaten Thanksgiving foods for a transitional/homeless shelter. Each year it has been held has been incredibly well received by all involved.
  • Intercultural Forums – Read more about the history and our recent series here.
  • Cultural – Arts and performing arts in all forms
  • Golf Challenge – Golf grew in Sweden in the mid 1900’s and by 1964 The American Club of Stockholm (so-called at the time) started a tournament that lasts uninterrupted to this day. As such it is the second longest running tournament in Sweden and carries cups and tradition bearing this long legacy. Read more about the Club’s Golf Challenge and make sure to get involved!

There are many other strong traditions, some no longer active, including:

  • Black tie/formal – Gala dinner dances and other festivities are intertwined in Club history
  • Embassy – Numerous Embassy traditions are open to Club invitation and Embassy staff are offered complimentary membership and frequently participate at Club events.
  • Seasonal/Holiday Events – Halloween, Santa Clause, Easter Egg Hunts and more, the American Club hosts or cooperates with other organizations on events tied to season, holiday or both.
  • Speakers – From U.S. Presidents and First Ladies to cultural, popular, scientists, politicians, media, experts, historically significant and other figures have spoken to Club members in various contexts.
  • Sports – Watching U.S. and Swedish sporting events has been a pastime of the Club for many decades if not since the beginning of the Club itself. The most consistent event watched together by the Club is the Super Bowl (American Football championship game, now held in early February each year). Numerous other events including World Cup Soccer/Football, Olympics, professional and collegiate sports draw crowds of Club members to favorite establishments and occasionally private watch parties.
  • Tours – Museums, tastings, districts/areas (i.e. Gamla Stan, Drottningholm, etc.).
  • Saint Lucia Day – In the 1990’s a Lucia Luncheon became traditional in The Grand Hotel Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen). This venue had long been used by the Club including to host Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. In 2008 the Club event was quietly visited by that year’s Nobel Laureate in Literature and his wife. For several years a VIP mingle at the annual Lucia concert at Globen was held and other holiday celebrations, which have for the time being been merged into the Third Thursday event in December of each year.
  • Luncheons – These were a pre-founding tradition tributed to the Club’s roots. Later as a mainstay for speakers and other purposes they were held by the Club for many years. While these are not actively being held at writing, of course informal or organizational luncheons do occur!

For more on the history of the Club, please consult the history pages here.