The Events of the last 12 months in particular the first 7 months of 2020 triggered many issues regarding the lives and experiences of Black African Americans in the U.S.A. Issues surrounding Fear, Equality, Entitlement, Brutality and Prejudice.

What we have realized is that People have not read about the History of Black people. We were given a brief lesson in School regarding the Slaves but never the lessons, stories and History during and after that.

For the Month of February we will Host a LIVE YouTube ZoomCast
and we want to allow YOU to participate with your questions, concerns and opinions. It’s time to learn about Black America.

Learning about Black America is NOT a debate but a lesson. A time to listen, question and learn. A time for you to hear real stories from real people and get a better understanding of American History and things occurring in Present times.

On Friday February 19th starting at 18 we invite you to join us as we have ‘A Social Conversation’.

****If you would like to participate in the conversation itself, Please send an email to
We will be limiting the number of participants to 5.

If you would just like to watch then there is no need to email.  Instead please SUBSCRIBE to the American Club’s YouTube channel here: American Club of Sweden