Please join the American Club of Sweden for our Annual General Meeting for 2023 featuring writer and commentator Ola Larsmo and special guest Bruce Karstadt, President and CEO of the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, MN, as well as Honorary Consul General of Sweden for Minnesota.

The Annual General Meeting is exclusively for members of the American Club of Sweden in good standing.

WHERE: Downtown Camper by Scandic, Brunkebergstorg 9
WHEN: Wednesday, May 10, 18:00-21:00

Members and a guest are also welcome to join us for dinner following the meeting, but space for dinner is limited, so reserve your spot today!

RSVP required by 17:00 on May 3rd

Registration link: 2023 American Club of Sweden Annual General Meeting Tickets

Please note: The cost for the dinner is 450kr for members and 600kr for guests, payable in advance by swish to 123 544 62 32. Cancelation after May 3rd can not be refunded. Contact for alternative payment methods.

Speaker: Ola Larsmo

Writer and commentator Ola Larsmo will give a talk about his most recent book, Översten, in which he tells the compelling but relatively unknown story of a man who illuminates the way in which individuals drive the exchange of ideas between Sweden and the United States. Knut Oscar Broady was a Swede who emigrated to the United States in 1854 and later joined the Union Army and fought at Gettysburg due to his personal dedication to ending slavery. He subsequently became a baptist minister and returned to Sweden. He became the first president of the Swedish Baptist Bethel Seminary and significantly influenced the emergence of the temperance movement in Sweden which was a major contributor to Sweden’s democratisation in the late 1800s and paved the way for the later emergence of the Swedish concept of “folkhemmet”.

Special Guest: Bruce Karstadt

Bruce Karstadt is President and CEO of the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, MN, as well as Honorary Consul General of Sweden for Minnesota.


18:00-18:30   Annual General Meeting
18:30-19:15   Speaker: Ola Larsmo
19:15-19:30   Special Guest: Bruce Karstadt
19:30-21:00   Dinner

Annual General Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening of the Annual General Meeting;
  2. Election of Chair and Secretary of the Meeting;
  3. Compliance with Meeting Requirements;
  4. Election of two adjusters;
  5. Approval of the agenda;
  6. Approval of voting list;
  7. The presentation of the Annual Report of the Board;
  8. Approval of balance sheet and income statement;
  9. Presentation of the Auditors’ Report;
  10. Approval of the Financial Report;
  11. Discharge from liability of Board Members for the year;
  12. Presentation of the Nominating Committee’s Report;
  13. Election of Members of the Board;
  14. Election of Officers
  15. Election of up to two auditors;
  16. Election of the Nominating Committee;
  17. Fixing of annual dues;
  18. Other business;
  19. Closing of the meeting.