Annual General Meeting 2019 at Wasa Museum with Tour and Dinner, June 5th

Save the date! Members in good standing are invited to join our AGM to be held at the Wasa Museum. 

Join members and guests (who may join following the AGM) for this special May evening after our Club deliberations.

Annual General Meeting 2018

17:00 Annual Meeting (Members Only)
17.45 Guided Tour followed by Dinner and drinks

AGENDA for the AGM 17.00-18.00

  1. Opening of the Annual General Meeting;
  2. Election of Chairman and Secretary of the Meeting;
  3. Compliance with Meeting Requirements;
  4. Election of two adjusters;
  5. Approval of the agenda;
  6. Approval of voting list;
  7. Presentation of the Annual Report of the Board;
  8. Presentation of the Financial Report (balance sheet and income statement);
  9. Presentation of the Auditors' Report;
  10. Approval of the Financial Report;
  11. Discharge of liability for Officers and Board Members;
  12. Presentation of the Nominating Committee's Report;
  13. Election of Members of the Board;
  14. Election of Officers
  15. Election of up to two auditors;
  16. Election of the Nominating Committee;
  17. Fixing of annual dues;
  18. Other business;
  19. Closing of the meeting.

WHERE: Vasa Museum, Galärvarvsvägen 14, 115 21 Stockholm

WHEN:  Monday June  5th, 2019 from 17:00-20:00

COST:  250 kr (members) or 300 kr (non-members) for light meal, a glass of wine, light beer or water.

REGISTRATION: Coming soon!

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