In memoriam

Eddie Flinck

Edgar Flinck

24 April 1935 -- 4 January 2017
Club Member

Edgar Flinck was an airlines executive and long time supporter of The American Club of Sweden. Eddie served in various roles for the Club over a period of many decades.

Known as Mr. America, as the Swedish director of American Airlines he was a friend of Pan Am director, Gunnar Rasmussen.

H. Arnold Barton

Arnold Barton

30 November 1929 -- 28 September 2016
Club Member

From Wikipedia:

Barton received his B.A. degree at Pomona College and his doctorate at Princeton University. Arnold Barton taught history at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (1960 to 1963) and at the University of California, Santa Barbara (1963 to 1970). He taught at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, where he became professor in 1975 and from where he retired in 1996 as professor emeritus of history. ... His research and writing covers a broad register, including Scandinavia in the era of the French Revolutionary-Napoleonic era, relations between homeland Swedes and Swedish Americans, and the Norwegian-Swedish union of 1814-1905. Barton has served on the boards of the Swedish-American Historical Society and the Swenson Center for Swedish Immigration Research. Between 1974 and 1990, Barton served as editor of the Swedish-American Historical Quarterly. ... Barton was named "Swedish-American of the Year" in 1988 by the Royal Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the two Swedish District lodges of the Vasa Order of America.

Arnold joined the American Club in 2011 shortly after relocating to Sweden from the United States. He and Aina were regulars at Club events and began promoting the Club. Arnold made a number of contributions in historical research and Swedish-American connections for the Club board and members.



David R. Holm

David Holm

17 March 1929 -- 04 November 2013
Club Member

David Holm was from Worcester, Massachusetts, and studied at Augustana in Illinois.  He moved to Sweden in 1971 and a few examples of recent service to the Club and community:

  • Promoting The American Club with prospective members
  • Organizing a multi-part SENSUS seminar on Swedish history in English
  • Involvement in The Vasa Order of America, Riksföreningen Sverigekontakt and The American Club of Sweden
  • Service at English Church




Gunnar V. H. Rasmussen

Gunnar Rasmussen

16 September 1922 -- 04 February 2013
Club President Emeritus from 1991 to 2013
Club President for 18 years from 1963 to 1990

Gunnar Rasmussen served as Club President a total of 18 years in four different decades, culminated by his being voted President Emeritus in 1991. In that capacity he continued to serve as a Board member, advisor and supporter of the Club.  In 2010, he was a member of a task force to advise Club leadership on attaining the Board goal of growing to 500 Members by 2011.  In the end of the same year he was featured in the Club News Bulletin (with Life Member Jade Ekström).

Gunnar was born in Norway in 1922 and lived there during World War II.  He later move to the United States and became a US Citizen in the mid 1950's.  Returning to Scandinavia and Stockholm as the regional director of Pan American Airways, Gunnar was involved with numerous American visitors and tours to the United States during his tenure at Pan Am.  He continued as a director for United Airlines and later worked developing a chain of hotels throughout Scandinavia.

He was an instigator and organizer of countless Club events at the US Embassy, Opera Källaren, and many more.  Gunnar was instrumental in a very lively and powerful period in the Club's history during which numerous dignitaries and special guests visited and initiatives for community service were great successes.  He was always dapper and upbeat, the consummate gentleman.

Gunnar was also an avid golfer and lived near Kevinge (Stockholm) and later Djursjholm's Golf Clubs.  He carried much of the Club's golf history as his own and gave a video welcome and best wishes at the 50th Anniversary of the Club's Golf Challenge in 2011.

He attended a Club event in March 2012, driving himself from Djursholm to the newly opened Sven-Harry’s Museum on Vasaparken.  The Club President and History Committee met with Gunnar for lunch in October 2012 where he recounted numerous stories and showed his usual wit and uncanny memory of a long life well lived.

Our Club will forever remain grateful to Gunnar for his many years of service, his unwavering love of America and for the role model he was, and will remain, for many of us.

Thanks, Gunnar!
Addenda: In February 2013, Club Members, including Honorary Members, a past and the current President, as well as current Honorary President, US Ambassador Mark Brzezinski, attended Gunnar's funeral at Djursholms Kapellet.  Later that month the Club Valentine's at Riddarhuset was dedicated to Gunnar as was the Club's Third Thursday event at Hilton Slussen.  In May 2013 the Club's annual Golf Challenge was renamed the Gunnar Rasmussen Golf Challenge.




Mamie Hyatt

Mamie Hyatt

26 November 1979 -- 20 April 2011
Club Member, Fulbright Scholar in Sweden

From Ohio, Mamie Hyatt was a member of the Club and a Fulbright Scholar studying art history in Stockholm.   She met many Club members during her short time in Sweden and hosted an event for Black History Month at Galleri Duerr in February 2011.  Further information can be found in this obituary.