Annual Meeting 2016 Featuring Food Innovation, May 26th

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Members of The American Club of Sweden are invited to our Club’s Annual Meeting.  The Meeting is free of charge and will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.  Members and their Guests are invited to join us from 6:00 onwards. There will be no charge to Members attending the Annual Meeting. Anyone staying after the Annual Meeting, or alternatively, arriving for the tour and dinner, must pay as indicated when registering.

  • Time: 17.00-17.45, AGM; Tour of A-house 17.45-18.30; Meal and remarks 18.30-20.00.
  • Place: A-house, Östermalmsgatan 26A, Stockholm
  • Cost: 200 kr (members) or 300 kr (non-members) for 2-course meal; alcoholic beverages available at own cost.
  • Registration:
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Meeting and agenda according to Bylaws


1. Election of Chairman and Secretary of the Meeting;

2. Compliance with Meeting Requirements;

3. Presentation of the Annual Report of the Board;

4. Presentation of the Financial Report balance sheet and income statement;

5. Presentation of the Auditors’ Report;

6. Discharge of liability for Officers and Board Members;

7. Presentation of the Nominating Committee’s Report;

8. Election of Members of the Board;

– Proposed by the Nominating Committee

  • Anders Bjers
  • Deborah Duerr
  • Gunnar Hesse
  • Brian Johnson
  • Julie Lindahl
  • Anna Rosvall Stuart

– Returning or ex officio Board Members not up for reelection

  • Samar Arny, ex officio
  • Jerry Bartlett
  • Samuel S. Cooley
  • Elizabeth Dacey
  • Martin Dworén
  • Sarah Massengale
  • Germaine Thomas
  • Larry Zoumas

9. Election of Officers (1 year term in office);

– Proposed by the Nominating Committee:

  • President: Julie Lindahl
  • 1st Vice President: Martin Dworén
  • 2nd Vice President: Anders Bjers
  • Secretary: Gunnar Hesse
  • Treasurer: Jerry Bartlett

10. Election of the Nominating Committee;

– Proposed by the Board of Directors:

  • Gary Baker
  • Peter Dahlen
  • Kathy Falk
  • Christer Holm
  • Catharina Kronström

11. Election of up to two auditors;

– Proposed by the Nominating Committee:

  • Wilhelm Kull
  • William K. Farlow

12. Fixing of annual dues;

13. Other business

a) Revision of Bylaws

– Proposed by the Board of Directors (current text in italics, followed by proposed text)

  • Article II, Section 2 Regular Members, who shall be nominated by existing Members of the Club and approved by a majority vote of the Club’s Board of Directors (“Board”); Regular Members, who shall apply for Membership and be approved by a majority vote of the Club’s Board of Directors (“Board”);
  • Article II, Section 3 The Club may elect as its Honorary President the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, upon nomination and approval of the Board by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote. The Club may elect as its Honorary President the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden or in the extended absence of an Ambassador the Chargé d’Affaires upon nomination and approval of the Board by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote.
  • Article II, Section 4 Membership dues are comprised of an initial inauguration fee plus ongoing annual dues thereafter; the inauguration fee shall be in an amount equal to annual dues for the respective membership categories. Membership dues are comprised of an initiation fee plus ongoing annual dues thereafter.
  • Article III, Section 2 The U.S. Embassy in Sweden shall be entitled to one representative on the Board, serving in an ex officio capacity, with voting rights. The U.S. Embassy in Sweden shall be entitled to one representative on the Board, serving in an ex officio capacity, with voting rights. The Board may elect such a representative as a Board Member upon nomination by the U.S. Embassy and approval by a majority of the Board.
  • Article VI, Section 3 These are to be in writing and submitted to the Board no later March 31st. These are to be in writing and submitted to the Board no later than March 31st.
  • Article VIII, Section 1 A Member who wishes to resign from the Club shall inform the Board in writing to this effect. A Member who has not renewed the annual membership by paying the annual dues after one reminder and within six months after date of invoice will be deemed to have resigned from the Club.

b) Nominations for Honorary Membership

– Nominated by the Board of Directors

  • N/A

c) Special Recognition

  • TBA

Intercultural Forum: The Role of Dads in the U.S. and Sweden, April 11th

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 Swedish dads seem to be making quite a stir in U.S newsmedia: this year an exhibition on Swedish Dads will take place in Washington D.C. Visitors to Sweden from the U.S. are reportedly amazed by all the “gay nannies” pushing strollers on the streets of Sweden. We know this is only the daily beat for dads on parental leave. Why all the fuss? 

In the U.S. fathers are increasingly staying at home, and websites like Fatherly celebrate dads in US families with tips, tricks and things to buy. Among corporations, organizations and in the public sector something is happening. It’s one thing that Spotify is exporting Swedish values by offering six months’ worldwide paid parental leave. But companies like Google, Netflix, and even the Pentagon are supporting increased maternity and paternity leave.  The U.S. Department of Labor has recently prepared a policy brief on the importance of parental leave for fathers.

With calls for more empowered women, is it about time to empower dads and what does that mean in American and Swedish contexts? What can be shared between our countries concerning the role of dads? We consider what it is like to be an American father in Sweden and a Swedish father in the US. 

Join us in exploring the economics, attitudes, values, and professional and cultural dimensions of being a father in the U.S and Sweden.  Of course, moms and everyone else inspired by the topic must come too!

 “Swedish Dads” – Photographs by Johan Bävman, soon to be on tour on the US, will be shown during the mingle.  The Swedish Institute has generously made available their slideshow Life Puzzle, which will also be shown in parts at the Forum.




When: 18.00 – 20.30 on April 11, 2016 (doors open 17.40), Forum discussion 18.00-19.30, mingle with light refreshments 19.30-20.30

Where: Hotel Hilton Slussen, Stockholm

Registration: Entrance to our Intercultural Forum is 100kr for members, 150kr for
guests and 50kr for students.  Payment can be made when registering online:

Inquiries can be sent to


Tiina Bruno, creator of the concept Parentsmart Companies, and renowned speaker and coach in Japan, Europe and Scandinavia on the topic of business value with parenthood. See her blog at Tiina is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops concerning parental leave, dads, women and work-life balance, and she consults for large corporations in Sweden on the topic. She has traveled to Estonia, Belarus, Japan and other countries together with The Swedish Institute to speak about the Swedish model for parental leave, dads, parenthood and the positive effects on companies and business. She speaks about parenting as the best leadership education, putting forward values that are in line with ROI, Return on Investment, for both parents and employers. She is the author of a book on being parent-smart.

Michael Wells is a fatherhood researcher and American father living in Sweden. Michael has published over a half-dozen articles and two book chapters on how Sweden, a country known for gender equality, does not treat fathers equally compared to mothers. His research examines family policies, especially parental leave, as well as societal institutions, like the Swedish child health field. Michael currently works in the Department of Public Health at Karolinska Institutet and at the Centre for Health Equity Studies (CHESS) at Stockholm University where he is running intervention studies to improve the amount and types of support fathers receive. He has also been an adjunct professor at several American universities, lecturing on parenting, child development, and the family from a global perspective, among other courses. 

Our guest commentator is David Landes, a long time presence at TheLocal Sweden and former Club Board Member. David will contribute his perspective as an American father in Sweden having been on parental leave here.

David, Michael and Tiina will be interviewed by dad and Club Board Member Anders Bjers who will also moderate the audience discussion.

Further speakers may be added prior to the Forum date.