The Association of American Clubs – Reciprocal Agreement

The Association of American Clubs

The Association of American Clubs

AAC Reciprocal Agreement



founded in Hamburg, Germany, on 11 October 2003

Reciprocal Agreement


This mutually applicable agreement is between the current members of The Association of American Clubs and the undersigned American Club/Society/Association.


For convenience, the terms ‘Home Club’ and ‘Host Club’ will be used.

·       “Home Club” is the club from which the visiting member comes, and of which he/she is a member of good standing

·       “Host Club” is the Club, at which the facilities are extended to the visiting member under this agreement.


Terms and Conditions:

·       A visiting member in good standing at his/her Home Club shall be accorded the privileges and use of facilities, where available, and be entitled to participate in the activities of the Host Club at the member price of the Host Club.  The visiting member must present a letter of introduction from his/her Home Club.

·       Payment of all account charges is due prior to the departure of the visiting member in cash or by accepted credit card.

·       All Clubs agree to publicize the new reciprocal arrangement among their members.

·       All Club Presidents are encouraged to display the Reciprocal Clubs on their respective homepages.

·       All Club Presidents must pass this Agreement on to their successors.

·       All visiting members are expected to comply with the House Rules and By-Laws of the Host Club.

·       The Host Club reserves the right to deny or revoke a visitor’s privileges on such grounds as it sees fit.

·       Any Club can cancel this agreement effectively thirty (30) days after forwarding a written notice of cancellation to the other Clubs.  All Clubs agree to advise their respective members of cancellation of this agreement.



President                                 _______________________       ____________________

(name of Club):                             (signature)                                      (date)



2008 Annual Meeting – 29 May 2008

Please join us at Etnografiska Museet, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 34, Stockholm, on Thursday, May 29th for the American Club’s Annual Meeting followed by a mingle, tour and dinner. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Club, make new friends, mix & mingle, and enjoy unique ethnic food and Stockholm's Etnografiska Museet. Members are encouraged to bring guests, but note that guests may attend everything except for the 40 minute Annual Meeting. For more information about the Museum of Ethnography, including directions, click here.

The Annual Meeting agenda is included below, printed in the Club’s Membership Register (Bylaw 6) and also viewable on our website

5:00 – 5:40    Annual Meeting — Members only
5:40 – 6:30    Mingle & Tour — Guests welcome!
6:30 – 7:30    Dinner

Dinner Menu

South Indian Thali buffet with Tandoori Chicken, basmati rice, salads, vegetables, bread and more

Reservation & Payment Details
PRICE: 400:- SEK per member, 450:- per guest.
Includes: Welcome drink, wine/beer/alcohol-free drink and dinner. Members may bring guests to the mingle, tour and dinner.

RSVP: Reservation and payment no later than May 26th to: Mike Twardy or Tel: 073-714 8789. Then, send your payment to the American Club’s Bankgiro: 5473-6830. Write “Annual Meeting” and print legibly the names of participants. Reservations are binding after May 26th. No-shows will be billed.

2008 Meeting Agenda

Only members of The American Club of Sweden may participate in the Annual Meeting from 5:00 pm – 5:40 pm

1. The President opens the meeting
2. Election of Chairman and Secretary for the Annual Meeting
3. Compliance with Annual Meeting formalities
4. Presentation of the Annual Report
5. Presentation of the Financial Report
6. Presentation of the Auditors’ Report
7. Discharge of the liability of the Officers and the Board of Governors
8. Annual Dues
9. Presentation and vote on proposed changes to bylaws
10. Presentation of the Nominating Committee’s Report
11. Election of Officers and Members to the Board of Directors
12. Election of Auditors
13. Election of Nominating Committee
14. Other business
15. Adjournment


American Women’s Club Retirement Planning Seminar – 9 May 2008

Retirement Planning Seminar

 The American Women's Club invites American Club members to attend a Retirement Planning Seminar:

Where: AMF Pension Office, lara Södra Kyrkogata 18
Speaker: Annelie Götbring, AMF Pension Specialist
When: Friday May 9, 2008
Time: 13:00-16:00
Fee: SEK 100 AWC Members; SEK 125 AWC Friends/Guests
RSVP: By Monday, April 24 to Yvonne or 070 343 5489
Payment: By Wednesday, April 30 – Plusgirot 164 14 33-6. Write full name and ’Retirement Planning’ on payment. No refunds but substitutes are welcome.

For more information, click here (PDF).

Special Meeting Prior to April Third Thursday – 17 April 2008

Special Meeting

April 17 from 5:00-5:30 at the Hard Rock Cafe prior to our Third Thursday networking happy hour (For details about this month's Third Thursday, please see below.)

The American Club of Sweden Board is proposing changes to the Club's bylaws, which must be presented to, and voted upon, by members at two separate Club meetings. The first presentation and vote will be made prior to this month's Third Thursday, from 5:00-5:30 at Hard Rock Cafe. Members are encouraged to attend this members only meeting to consider the proposal to amend the Club's bylaws. This Special Meeting is free of charge but open only to Club members.

The proposed changes to the Club's bylaws are available here (PDF) for download. The Board will also distribute copies of the proposed changes at the meeting and give its opinion of them, followed by a vote of the membership.

To view the current byalws, please click here.