The American Club's 55th Annual Gunnar V.H. Rasmussen Golf Challenge, Sweden's second longest-running golf tournament, will be played at Stockholm Golf Club at Kevinge on Labor Day, September 7th, 2015.  We are excited to return to an early home of the tournament and look forward to seeing lots of golfers and plenty of spectators/guests!  The competition is geared for everybody and we typically have a wide range of talent and experience.

The tournament is sponsored by:

Cederwalls   Real Finans och Försäkring

Don't play golf?  In keeping with tradition, we hope for an active day at the "19th hole" open to all Members and their guests, as we end the round with drinks, a prize ceremony and a meal.  Come out and enjoy the day at the course.

As a part of the annual Day of Service and Remembrance, initiated after the attacks of September 11th, 2001, The American Club of Sweden encourages members to take time to honor the memory of those lost during and after 9/11 and pay tribute, in the words of President Obama, “of hope over fear, and love over hate.”


Remember to post on social media and tag the Club (@amclubsweden) and (#mygooddeed #911day)!


Our monthly mixing, mingling and networking event, Third Thursday (or "3T" as regulars call it) is open to anyone with an interest in The American Club of Sweden.  It's even a great opportunity for those considering membership to get to know our Members and learn more about our club.

The Third Thursday of each month at Hilton Stockholm (Slussen) from 17:30-19:30.

This month sponsored by:
American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden's Mentoring Program

Both Sweden and the United States have long-standing traditions of storytelling about the natural environment which affect our perceptions of it today. Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman, Linnaeus, Strindberg, Lagerlöf, Tranströmer, among many others, were all storytellers who continue to form our perceptions of nature and the environment in a profound way.

The American Club of Sweden’s 9th Intercultural Forum, in collaboration with National Geographic Society and our panel of experts, looks at the differences and similarities between our inherited stories of nature, how they affect our attitudes and behavior, and whether they are an opportunity or a hindrance for the changed behavior needed in order for our planet to remain habitable by us. For example, does our common perception of vastness and space in the natural environment help or hinder our possibility of changed behavior? Who are the new storytellers about nature in the US and Sweden, what stories are they telling and how are we reacting to these?

National Geographic Society provides an insight into its experiences of storytelling about nature and change, including a short inspirational film. (TBC)


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